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The Restaurant

Our story is one that we intend to have told for generations. Winnie's is named after the grandmother of our family's patriarch, Franklin. A culinary legend in her own right, Ms. Winnie has been credited across our community for her unforgettable meals and zeal to impart kitchen 'know how' to as many as she could.

As a family business, inspired by her legacy, we are proud to raise the standard of the gastronomical experience in a region known for its culinary creativity, depth of flavour, and endless range of spices. 

The Winnie's experience is about elegance, high standards, and of course, exquisite food!


Our Kitchen

Your meals quality is testament to a kitchen to rival the best of them. We spared no expense outfitting a space befitting our world-class chefs and facilitating what we are sure you will agree is an art-form of premium cuts, artisan sides, and rich spices.

We opted for commercial-grade stainless steel appliances from highly-regarded manufacturers in collaboration with expert consultants.

Our Team

As with every other aspect of our dining experience, we only sought the best in building the team behind Winnie's. Led by the vision of our co-founders, the expertise of our executive chef, and the standards of our lead hostess, we underscore gorgeous meals with fabulous service delivered each time, every time!

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